Harald Volden(Mimiro) to AgriTech Nordic

We are ecstatic to announce that Harald Volden, CEO of Mimiro, will headline AgriTech Nordic this June. Mimiro is an independent Norwegian technology company established by Tine and Felleskjøpet Agri.
Through a century, Norwegian farmers have gathered data through their Co-ops. These data now forms the basis for the tech-company owned by farmers, Mimiro.

Check out this video from when Mimiro was nominated for (and won)
the Norwegian Agriculture Innovation award in 2019.

Mimiro is developing digital solutions for a more effective and environmentally-friendly food growth and production process. In 2019, they will launch new apps for Norwegian farmers, with a simpler interface and greater insight to continually improve production. At the same time, they are building a digital ecosystem to improve land use and aid external suppliers, researchers and advisers. Mimiro was awarded with the Agriculture Innovation award 2019.

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