AgriTech Nordic 2020, Organizing For The Future

Crystal ball
Crystal ball

The global challenges regarding food and climate are together with changes in consumer behavior creating a perfect storm for Nordic food systems. Developments in AI, blockchain, cloud and data area creating great possibilities to face these challenges, but it is not mainly the technology that needs adapting.

A well-organized food production will be the defining driver for a long-term, modern and sustainable Nordic bioeconomy. AgriTech Nordic 2020 wants to shed light on how this structuring can and should look like on a micro and makro level. Micro level means how the primary production on farms, ocean and in forests are adapting to innovation in a new and digital era. On the other side of the scale, the regulators and institutions that support the food system have to adapt to a world that is quickly changing and possibly, a very different production landscape.

Come to AgriTech Nordic the 17th and 18th of June in Steinkjer, to hear speakers on the forefront of thinking on how organize for the future.

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