Rewatch AgriTech Nordic 2020

Due to popular demand, we have decided to reupload some of our conversations and techsafaris from this years digital conference. Pay attention here and on facebook for our favorite parts of AgriTech Nordic 2020. 

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AgriTech Nordic 2020 goes live!

AgriTech 2020

On June the 18th in Steinkjer, AgriTech Nordic was going to look at how we organize our farms, oceans, forests and the systems that surround them to optimize for the future.  The ongoing pandemic leaves us unable to organize a physical event, but we are very excited to announce that AgriTech Nordic 2020 will be…

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AgriTech Nordic 2020, Organizing For The Future

Crystal ball

The global challenges regarding food and climate are together with changes in consumer behavior creating a perfect storm for Nordic food systems. Developments in AI, blockchain, cloud and data area creating great possibilities to face these challenges, but it is not mainly the technology that needs adapting. A well-organized food production will be the defining…

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Thank you and welcome back on the 17th and 18th of June, 2020.

AgriTech Nordic 2019 is over for now and we look forward to welcoming you back next year at Innocamp in Steinkjer. With over 400 attendees over the two days, amazing sessions and workshop we can safely say that AgriTech Nordic 2019 went well. This success would not be possible without all the participants and speakers. On…

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Introducing The AquaTech-Safari

Trøndelag is one of the biggest salmon producing regions in the world. This year, on the 19th of June, AgriTech Nordic brings together academics, innovators and industry out to where the sushi gets made. On our AquaTech-Safari, in the region of Ytre Namdalen, we will look at how technology benefits aquaculture today. We will also experience…

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Per Stålnacke (NIBIO) to speak at AgriTech Nordic

At AgriTech Nordic 2019, we will welcome Per Stålnacke to speak at the conference. Per is the director of research at NIBIO and he will speak about the future of research in the Nordic bioeconomy. Per has an interdisciplinary doctorate from water and environmental studies and has hundreds of publications to his name. He has…

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