See you next year on the 20th and 21st of September!


This year together with Startup Norway, WeSeed and T:lab, we invite startups and investors to get know each other on the night before the conference. Some of the topics covered will be:  EU-financing and how to get it – with Håvard Grøm and Fredrik Langseth from WeSeed LinkedIn as a marketing channel and how you…

Overview AgriTech 2022

For this years AgriTech Nordic we have pulled out all the stops to bring you the best of what Trøndelag has to offer i new tech, while looking at how the world can scale technology to fix the food system. Join our techsafaris on aquaculture, farming or in a wood processing plant, see investors and…

Speaker: Mirva Lampinen, VTT Helsinki

Mirva Lampinen is VTT´s Co-Creation Manager who is leading the Food and Beyond innovation ecosystem in Helsinki. Her aim is to create a positive impact on the people, the planet and the business by bringing to life innovative food solutions and beyond.  

Speaker: Louisa Burwood-Taylor, Agfunder

Louisa is Head of Media & Research for AgFunder and chief editor AFN. AgFunder has in recent years become the global epicenter for agritech investing with a global community of members and investors. Louisa will speak on the huge growth in agritech investing, whilst sharing some perspectives on the future for nordic agritech. 

Welcome to AgriTech Nordic 2022 on the 22th and 23rd of June

    Over the last few years, lots of new technology has been demonstrated that can improve food production at sea and on land. Our current food system solves a huge problem in that it manages to feed the population with incrementally improving tools and technology. These improvements will however not be sufficient to meet…

Save the date!

The 22. and 23. of June we will once again welcome you to Steinkjer to meet and listen to stakeholders from the cutting edge within agri- and aquaculture.