Register – Startups

Please register here to be contacted about participating in our competition for startups, to be decided on the 22th of June.

First place 50.000 NOK

Deadline for registration is 15th of June.

Any questions to: [email protected]


General Information:

Startup Night is a conference connecting entrepreneurs and investors. If you have an investor-ready business solution, you should join!.

The pitch competition events during Agritech Nordic will feature talks between founders and investors, entrepreneurs and experts. founders are selected to join the main session, where they will be pitching in front of a jury and the audience.


The deadline for completing your application profile is June 15th.
The finale takes place physically on June 23th.                                                                                                                           

Pitch criteria and format:

Eligible companies must be seed-stage and/or investor-ready. Max 10-minute pitch
All presentations and slides must be in English


Three reasons to join:

Showcase your startup to a large group of investors, entrepenaurs and experts  
Compete for  50 000 NOK
Exclusive access to events at Agritech Nordic Confrence June 23th, connect and meet with people